Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to pay before moving in ?

    For tenants staying 1-3 months, we require just one month’s all-in rent as a deposit. For tenants staying 4-6 months, we will require two month’s all-in rent as a deposit. All of this is also shown in detail within our digital booking process.

  • Are there any other external fees or local taxes that I need to pay?

    The “Beitragsservice” (German Public Television / Media fee) will charge you 17,50 € per month (you pay Beitragsservice regardless of where you live in Germany).

  • Can I register Tannhaus as my main residence?

    Yes, you can. At the very least, it needs to be registered at the Bürgeramt as either your primary or your secondary address. Also keep in mind that because it is a residential space, business registry and activities such as regular “Publikumsverkehr” are prohibited at Tannhaus.

    Please be advised that you will be liable to second home tax in Berlin if you already have a primary residence in Germany.

  • How does all-inclusive rent work for me?

    All-inclusive rent means that your rent, Internet, TV and utilities are combined into a single charge with no hidden surprises.

  • What is the longest time of lease?

    The maximum that you can lease at one time is six months.

  • What is the minimum time of residency?

    Our shortest residency package is for one month.

  • Does my residency renew automatically at the beginning of a new payment period?

    No, but depending on availability, you can acquire a new contract if you would like to stay longer.

  • Upon receiving a room offer, how long is it valid for?

    After our online booking process sends you an offer for a room, you have five days to decide, sign up and pay before the offer expires.

  • What documents are required to let an apartment online?

    All you need is a copy of your ID. For the rest, go to our online letting process. An original copy of your ID is also required when you move in.

  • Is it possible to reserve an apartment?

    Reservations aren’t possible outside of our online booking portal.

  • How do I get a tenant agreement?

    To get started, please refer to our digital booking process online.

  • What security features are at Tannhaus?

    Video security and an electronic locking system exist throughout the building.

  • Is there a bicycle parking area?

    Yes. We have dedicated spots for bikes in our outside area and in our basement.

  • Does Tannhaus have carports?

    Although our Frankfurter Tor location doesn’t yet have carports, some future locations will have them.

  • Is my apartment fully furnished?

    Yes. You already have a fantastic double bed, a heavenly mattress, carefully selected craftsman designs, and a well-equipped kitchen with all necessary dining supplies.

  • Does my room come with a television?

    Yes, we have IP-TV and 40 inch TV-screens in every apartment.