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Tannhaus Cedar

With a Cedar apartment, a fantastic combination of tranquil coziness and upscale city views are yours to enjoy with 24 square meters of space.

Each Cedar apartment includes a craftsman bed, a complete designer kitchen, a 40-inch IP-TV, a dining table, a vintage armchair, reliably thick doors for privacy and extensive wardrobe space. There is also a nicely tiled bathroom with beautiful basins and a bathtub/shower.

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Included Services

We provide access to useful services to ensure that your needs are always met and your enterprising efforts are never interrupted.


Housekeeping Our dedicated team maintains the Zen you require to keep a tidy workspace, a clear head, and a thoroughly comfortable environment.

Bedding In the middle of a busy work life, bedding is something easily overlooked. For that reason, we are always happy to provide you with the freshest white linen whenever you need it.

Towel Service The good that a fresh towel can do is not to be underestimated. Know that we have them at the ready whenever needed.


Laundry Service Our top-quality washers and dryers are at your service day and night.

Flexible Arrival Whatever time you arrive, an easy check-in is always possible at Tannhaus.

Free High Speed Internet Reliable Internet is crucial for everyone. Whatever your next project demands, rest assured that we have the top high speed internet available.